Friday, January 17, 2014

Altering Chipboard...It's easier than you think

I was working on a chipboard album of my nephew, Erin, and realized that I didn't have the right color, or matching letters, to simply write "Nephew" across the front. I sat there stumped for a while, when it dawned on me....."Simply cover the letters to make them match." It honestly didn't take long at all and I love how they turned out. Here's how I did it:

What You'll Need:
-Chipboard letters (or pieces..whatever you want to cover)
-Scrapbook paper or Card Stock
- Sticker Maker (I used my Xyron)
- Distressing/Sanding tools
- Good pair of scissors or X-acto blade

Step One-
Pick out what you want to cover. I think I used the cheap Colorbök letters that I found at Target.

Step Two-
Rough the tops up with a emery board/distressing tool/sandpaper.  This will help the adhesive stick to the chipboard.

Step Three-
Run the letters through your Xyron/sticker maker so that the adhesive is on the top of  your pieces. In the it through upside down.

Step Four-
Place the pieces on to the back of your desired scrapbook paper/card stock.

Step Five-
Cut each piece out individually.  I used scissors to separate them but used an X-acto knife to to the fine detail. It's okay if it's not perfectly trimmed, you'll be sanding them down.

Step Six-
Now starts the fun part....sanding! Using files/sand paper smooth down the edges to make it look seamless. 

The "E" on the left has raw edges and the one on the right has been sanded down. At this point feel free to ink the edges if you want, but for my project I didn't need to.

This paper is from My Mind's Eye Twinkle Twinkle Little Boy collection. I love it!

Here's another project that I used the same technique on.

Congrats! You've just made your own custom chipboard pieces for your project :-)

Have a great day and a happy heart! 
~Kerri Elan

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