Friday, January 17, 2014

No Sew Reusable Bag...Yes, It's Really That Easy.

If you're like me, you probably have some shirts lying around that you haven't worn in a while, but you can't bring yourself to get rid of them. Why not make them into something useful and help save the environment at the same time? Here's a play by play on how to make this fabulous bag

What you'll need:
Old tshirts- I found that small/medium cotton shirts work best
Good pair of fabric scissors
Safety Pin

Step 1-
Choose what shirt you want to use. This is the hardest step...seriously :-)

Step 2-
Cut the sleeves off. 

Step 3-
Cut two 1''- 2'' strips from the sleeves, then stretch them so that they begin to curl some. You're going to use this to tie the bottom up. 

Step 4- 
Cut a rectangle from the collar area. The size of the rectangle will be based on how thick you want your handles to be. Do you see a bag starting to appear?

Step 5-
Cut a small slit in the bottom hem of the shirt. Be sure not to cut through the hem stitching though.  I made my cut in the center of the front and repeated on the back. 

Step 6-
Attach a safety to the end of one of your strips (cut from the sleeves). Thread it through from one cut to the other.  Tie it off and repeat going in the opposite direction with your remaining strip.

This is what it should look like when you're done...

Step 7- 
Stand back and admire your green project. 

These are great for grocery shopping, traveling, the beach, etc. Because of the two small holes at the bottom they're not ideal for small objects, but they're great for anything else. 

Have a great day and a happy heart!
~Kerri Elan

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