Friday, January 17, 2014

My Second Quilt

This quilt was made with so much love for my nephew.  My sister saved all his baby blankets and wanted to do something special with them.  I took them and cut them up (which was a shock lol) but I made various blocks of 9'' widths.  I think I made them in lengths of 7, 14, and 28 inch increments. I then alternated the patterns to try to get even color all over. I layered the top "quilting", a low loft batting, and a simple cotton backing.

 This is just half of the quilt

Talk about having just enough binding. 

 The only issue I had with this binding was that it was a bit on the narrow side.  Trying to stretch it over the front, batting, and a cotton backing turned out to be harder that I thought.  Next quilt I will definitely use a thicker binding, whether I buy it or make it. 

After that it was pretty much done.  It took A LOT less time to make than the ACU/BDU/DCU quilt I made.  
One of my nephew's blankets had an embroidered monkey on it, and since I call him "Monkey" I had to have it in the center row of his quilt.  

My sister and I decided on a gray backing because her son's middle name is a spelling variation of gray, so it was another way to incorporate him in to the quilt.  It turned out to be a full size quilt with a 13'' drop and 11'' pillow tuck.  It seems massive for him right now, but it'll be something that he can grow into, or hold onto as an heirloom. 

The Unveiling
  I went over to my sister's house one night with the finished blanket to surprise my nephew (who was just shy of 2 years old).  My sis and I got down on the ground with him and explained that Aunt Sissy (that's me) spent a lot of time making something just for him. We unwrapped the quilt, spread it out and almost immediately he pulled it over his head and played  peek-a-boo.  Over the course of the next hour, he managed to convince Momma, Daddy, and Aunt Sissy to "hide" under the blanket with him.   It was the most adorable thing ever!  He has now dubbed the quilt "Sissy blanket" and requires that Momma or Daddy snuggle with him under it every night before his bedtime. 

Have a great day and a happy heart,
~Kerri Elan

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