Friday, January 17, 2014

First Time Making My Own Binding

So in an effort to reduce the cost of making a quilt, I searched high and low on how to make binding yourself.  I eventually found a tutorial on Pinterest that was easy peasy.  I made a few mistakes and some of my seams aren't perfect, but for the most part I think I did okay....see for yourself...
I cut several 2.5'' strips, matched up corners, sewed, trimmed, then folded and ironed them in half.
It only took me 30mins to make about 10 yards of binding. (45 mins if you include the "cut a strip, move the cat, sew a strip, move another cat, trim the strip, move a third cat, etc".)

Of course, Autumn had to put her paw print of approval on it while I was trying to iron it. (I adore that little face, it just melts a Mommy's heart)

After all was said and done, this what I had :-)

I'm so proud of myself!  I literally just learned how to sew a straight line and now I'm quilting, making my own binding, etc. YAY!!!!

BTW- Here's a tease of what I'm working on...

....oh ya did I mention that ALL of the material I'm using for it is being upcycled from previous items? YAY! Go team Green :-)

Have a great day and a happy heart!
~Kerri Elan

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